There are many fans of metal songs around the world. Metal songs are known for their fast, heavy and loud sound. These songs force you to listen intensely. Here are the best metal songs of all times.

“Master of Puppets,” by Metallica

The song’s theme was about the warning of the power of drug abuse. The song’s introduction was very sharp. The head-banging tempo is just awesome. Every teenager would scream out ‘Master! Master!’ as loudly they can to this song. Jame Hetfield solo sounded really well within the breakdown and harmony line. The Kirk Hammett solo adds an extra touch to the song. This is the best metal song ever produced.

“Ace of Spades,” by Motörhead

The song is fast and hard metal from the very beginning. Lemmy did a great job on the bass and Taylor was awesome with the drums. The pace of the song is simply remarkable. Eddie Clarke sang it really well.

“Crazy Train,” by Ozzy Osbourne

He was part of the band Black Sabbath in 1980 and started his solo career. The song ‘Crazy Train’ brought him instant success. The lyrics were great and Randy Rhoad’s guitar work was outstanding. This is one of the best metal songs ever.

The fan base of metal songs is different than the other songs. These people love the strong lyrics and loudness of the music. They love to dance and shout with the music. This genre of music is very popular among the teenagers.